MEG Engineers proudly supports educational and mentoring programs, community events, actively pursues the best and brightest stars in personnel and is always at the forefront of acquiring new and prospective business.

The Pharr One Center

The Pharr One Center project endured large rainfall events during the earthwork phase of construction. Great job by the MEG ENGINEERS Pharr group led by Juan M. Borjon, P.E. to engineer the building pads post various rain events.

Laredo ISD

Materials testing. Hot weather concrete cylinder curing procedures are a must this time of year.

Rio Grande Valley Automotive Industry

MEG Engineers is a proud partner of the Rio Grande Valley Automotive Industry. We have multiple geotechnical and material testing projects throughout Cameron County.

International Women in Engineering Day

Our Pharr Office hosted a luncheon celebrating International Women in Engineering Day. 

Geo-Congress 2022

MEG ENGINEERS is a proud member of ASCE Geo-Institute. Geo-Congress 2022 is in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Weslaco Mid-Valley Airport

Mid-Valley Airport now features six new hangars and a longer runway, which was extended by 1,000 feet in 2018 to allow larger aircraft to arrive and depart from the airport — all part of its ongoing expansion.

Laredo International Airport

Materials testing and inspections of Taxiways G1 & G2

AGC Cookoff

A great time was had at the Second Annual Association of General Contractors (AGC)

TSPE Student Chapter

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley made history with the formation of the TSPE student chapter. Thank you to our state board of TSPE and the state board of Professional Engineers.


Accordion Content
  • Geotechnical Consulting
  • Preliminary Geotechnical Investigations
  • Slope Stabilization Analysis
  • Expansive Soils Evaluation
  • Design-Level Geotechnical Investigations
  • Seepage Analysis
  • Deep Foundation Analysis
  • Shallow Foundation Analysis
  • Retaining Wall Analyses
  • Pavement Analyses and Design
  • Bridge Foundations
  • Soil-Related Construction Problems
  • Soil On-Site Observation and Testing
  • Concrete On-Site Observation and Testing
  • Asphalt On-Site Observation and Testing
  • Masonry On-Site Observation and Testing
  • Structural Steel (CWI) On-Site Observation and Testing
  • Construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance Programs
  • Reinforcing Steel On-Site Observation and Testing
  • Asphaltic Concrete Mix Designs (Super-Pave)
  • Concrete Mix Design Review
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
  • Consulting for construction material selection, compatibility and acceptability
  • Pavement Materials Engineering
  • Post-Tensioned Concrete Testing
  • Geotechnical Engineering Consultants
  • Construction Materials Engineering Consultants
  • Forensic Engineering Consultants
  • Pavement Technology Consultants
  • Expert Witness Engineering Consultants
  • Preliminary and Comprehensive Facilities Survey
  • Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Contract Administration and Bid Solicitation
  • Abatement Project Management
  • Air Monitoring/Inspection/Project Oversight
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Conduct Construction Material Engineering and Testing Services
  • Soil/Rock and Foundations Studies
  • Excavations and Trenches
  • Dams and Cut or Filled Slopes
  • Pavements
  • Specialized Testing and Instrumentation
  • Expert Witness
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Investigations
  • Impact-Echo Investigations
  • Post-Construction Coring
  • Slope Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • Expansive Soils Evaluation
  • Seepage Analysis
  • Shallow Foundation Failure Analysis
  • Retaining Wall Failure Analysis
  • Pavement Failure Analysis
  • Soil-Related Construction Problems
  • Building Condition Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and II)
  • Sub-surface Investigations
  • Soil and Water Testing and Evaluations
  • Wetlands Identification and Delineation
  • Monitoring Well Installations, Development and Sampling
  • Hazardous Materials Sampling, Evaluation and Management
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Investigations
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC)

  Building Condition Assessments including:
       –  Roofing Systems
       –  Structural Systems
       –  Wall Systems
       –  Water Proofing and Air Barrier Systems
       –  Footings and Foundations
       –  Site Conditions
  Hazardous Materials Samplings, Evaluation and Abatement Project Management
  Construction Materials Testing
  Environmental Site Phase I and Phase II Studies
  Pavement Consulting and Management
  Non Destructive Testing
  Specialty Testing
  Soil Related Construction Problems

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20 years ago Mr. Raul Palma, PE provided materials engineering on this emergency repair project.