Since 2001, MEG Engineers has provided an exceptional level of service in materials testing, forensics, analysis, design, quality assurances, consulting, contract management, and in depth studies and investigations in a multitude of engineering practices. In 2020, MEG Engineers expanded its services by formally announcing the Facilities Division. The Facilities Division is ready to enhance an owner’s knowledge of their facilities envelope and systems and protecting them by analyzing and solving issues, developing planning strategies, cost effective budgeting, and providing maintenance management services for a long term return on their investments.

MEG Engineers Facilities Division can provide building condition assessments of the following for all facilities:
•  Building Condition Assessments including:
–  Roofing Systems
–  Structural Systems
–  Wall Systems
–  Water Proofing and Air Barrier Systems
–  Footings and Foundations
–  Site Conditions
•  Hazardous Materials Samplings, Evaluation and Abatement Project Management
•  Construction Materials Testing
•  Environmental Site Phase I and Phase II Studies
•  Pavement Consulting and Management
•  Non Destructive Testing
•  Specialty Testing
•  Soil Related Construction Problems

MEG Engineers can also provide many other testing options and studies specific to a client’s new building or rehabilitation construction project. MEG Engineers team of multidisciplinary experts will deliver a performance-based measurable approach and a hands-on responsibility for our clients in a full spectrum of innovative solutions and cost savings across the long term life of the project.