MEG Engineers is pre-certified by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) 

Our CEI Team can provide the following professional services:

Construction Contract Management

MEG specializes in construction phase services including Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI). Our full range of services can support clients’ needs throughout the construction project life cycle, including planning, preconstruction, construction, post construction and maintenance.

Our staff includes experts in construction management, transportation asset management, pavement preservation, and materials management. We have unique skills and qualifications to assist clients in making more informed construction management decisions and can provide real-world experience for implementing CEI strategies.

Our strengths include the use of advance technology, broad regional expertise, and a depth of resources to meet even the most demanding construction engineering project requirements.

Our approach to construction contract management begins during the pre-award/pre-construction phase of a project. We record project conditions before construction begins and we will work with our client to hold a pre-construction meeting with the Contractor. We develop quality plans to be administered by our inspection staff and perform constructability reviews of the entire construction contract and specifications. We have subject matter expertise in reviewing and analyzing Critical Path Method schedules. Our record keepers have extensive TxDOT experience and are LGPP certified. We have experience in developing and processing Change Orders, shop drawings reviews, submittal and RFI processing, and contract compliance tracking and reporting to ensure project requirements are achieved. Our team will perform and coordinate environmental monitoring and inspections, traffic control compliance reviews, and establish project and document control to maintain accurate and timely information on the project. We developed construction estimates, payment review and recommendations. We perform final acceptance reviews and accurate as-built drawings.

Conduct Construction Materials Engineering and Testing Services

MEG has materials engineers who provide construction materials engineering on each of our projects. We ensure that the frequency of testing is conducting in compliance with the contract documents and/or Guide Schedule for Sampling and Testing. Our inspection staff are fully certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and have the necessary equipment to perform concrete testing. In addition, our inspectors are certified in hot-mix asphalt testing through the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association (TxAPA). Our construction materials testing laboratory will be used for the testing services, such as concrete mixture design reviews, as well as curing and testing of concrete cylinders and any associated aggregate testing.

MEG can provide the following scope of services using our experienced staff:

  • Soil/Rock and Foundations Studies
  • Excavations and Trenches
  • Dams and Cut or Filled Slopes
  • Pavements
  • Specialized Testing and Instrumentation

MEG has geotechnical engineering and laboratory experience in South Texas, Central Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley on numerous projects. Mr. Raul Palma, PE (MEG Chief Geotechnical Engineer) is the former TxDOT Pharr District Laboratory Engineer and has extensive experience in geotechnical and materials engineering in all South Texas and Central Texas Counties. MEG has geotechnical exploration and soil testing experience for bridges, retaining walls, heavy duty flexible pavements, rigid concrete pavements, and drainage structures.

MEG is a fully accredited laboratory by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Offices (AASHTO) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). MEG is a minority owned and operated business with four offices located in Pharr, Texas, San Benito, Texas, Laredo, Texas, and Austin, Texas. MEG has the personnel and laboratory equipment to provide geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and construction inspection services for our Clients.

Project Approach

The City of Laredo projects needs are specific to the services we provide, counting on the services we provide to be responsive, thorough, and precise. The projects need efficient communication, project management, and contract administration. The City of Laredo faces the local issue of building materials and economical construction solutions. At MEG we offer the following ideas to achieve this by:

  • Understanding the specific needs of our Client.
  • Understanding the precise building materials conditions at the project site and its risk associated to consistency.
  • Evaluate thoroughly the conditions of each space, building, and material type and its associated age of the material.
  • Proven Consistency, Low Employee Turnover
  • Highest Quality Accreditations and Internal Management

will encompass all related services to the City of Laredo as listed in the qualifications packet including and we do not have any concerns regarding the consistency, preciseness, and overall quality of the services needed for these projects.